Points Of Entry
This work was made possible through a fellowship from the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund and the Mosaique fellowship from the Minister of Culture of Luxembourg. In 2006, photographers and researchers who had received grants from the Mosaique program collaborated on a publishing project. 

Poitns Of Entry was also exhibited at the Arles Les Rencontres de la Photographie 2005.

Points of Entry concern the flow of undocumented immigrants into the European Union through three key border regions: Calais in the north of France, Ceuta/Tarifa in the south of Spain, and Moldova on the Eastern border of the European Union.

I began this project in December 2002 with a trip to the port city of Calais, where I photographed Afghani and Kurdish refugees seeking to cross into Britain.

This inspired me to expand the project to include two additional Points of Entry: the southern Mediterranean coast of Spain around Ceuta/Tarifa and Moldova in Eastern Europe.

My idea was to go to these locations to find small stories that would reveal something new and individual about the relationship of immigrants to the old and new European borders. In Ceuta/Tarifa, I photographed young men mostly from Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa who cross the Straits of Gibraltar into Europe.

In Moldova, I created a body of work that suggests the factors that have pushed 25% of its population to migrate to the European Union and other countries, focusing on the women and children who are left behind and have been impacted by this phenomenon.

Each of these sites presents a different aspect of the broader theme, so by exploring each of them in turn, I use photography to expand the discussion about the meanings and impact of immigration.