Voyeur is a mix of photographs found in the Internet and photos from a book about color photography from the 60’s. This artist’s book is inspired by hypothesis argued by Vilém Flusser in “Towards A Philosophy of Photography”

Flusser describes a world fundamentally changed by the invention of the “technical image” and the mechanisms that support and define industrialized modern culture. He argues that whereas ideas were previously interpreted by written account, the invention of photography allows the creation of images (ideas) taken at face value as truth, not interpretation that can be endlessly replicated and spread worldwide, as you see in the following quotation.

“Images are mediations between man and world. ‘Man “ek-sists,” which means thathe has no immediate access to the world. Images are meant to render the worldaccessible and imaginable to man. But, even as they do so, they interpose themselves between man and the world. They are meant to be maps, and they become screens/ Instead of pre-senting the world to man, they re-present it, put themselves in place of the world, to the extent that man lives as a function of the images he has produced. He no longer deciphers them, but projects them back into the world “out there” without having deciphered them. The world becomes image-like, a context of scenes and situations. This re-versal of the function of images may be called “idolatry,” and we cart currently see how this comes about: omnipresent technical images have begun magically to restructure “reality” into an image-like scenario. What is involved here is a kind of oblivion. Man forgets that he prod-uces images in order to find his way in the world; he now tries to find his way in images.He no longer deciphers his own images, but lives in their function. Imagination has become hallucination.”

Softcover, 9 X 6 inches, Color, 40 pages.

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